Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management provided by  Wessel Investment Counsel, LLC

We have no incentive to foist expensive investment products upon our clients. We also oppose day-trading, market-timing, short-selling, and many other foibles that have been popularized by the media.

In designing an efficient portfolio for you, we pledge to balance your need for liquidity, income, and capital appreciation with your ability and desire to bear risk.

We Can Help You Achieve

We Can Help You Avoid

  • Investment Flexibility
  • Sales Charges
  • Proper Diversification
  • Surrender Charges
  • An Appropriate Asset Allocation Strategy
  • Excessive Management Fees
  • A Desired Level of Liquidity
  • Market-Timing Schemes
  • A Desired Level of Income
  • Style-Drift
  • An Acceptable Level of Risk
  • Phantom Capital Gains
  • Control over Gains & Losses