Career Opportunity

If you have an interest in working in a pleasant, fee-only environment where ethical values reign supreme and professionalism is based more on attitude, intellect, and experience than on rigid dress codes and watered-down securities licenses, we may be interested in speaking with you.

The more attributes you possess from the following list, the more excited we’ll be to hear from you:

Existing Clientele
If you already oversee client assets of at least $10 million and are not subject to a non-solicit agreement, we may be able to improve your environment and financial circumstances significantly. If you oversee client assets of somewhat less than $10 million, we may still be able to work something out if it seems to make sense.

College Degree 
Although we’d naturally prefer that you have a degree in some business-related field, we fully recognize that many talented people possess degrees that are not business related. The more advanced your degree, the better, but we especially prize intellect, attitude, and the ability to communicate well.

Professional Certification
While we don’t require any particular certification per se, your success as an advisor is likely to be related to the amount of credibility you establish with your clients. Consequently, having some well regarded professional certification in some business-related capacity (or successfully working toward one) demonstrates your commitment to the profession.

Of course, you must also have a clean compliance record and be drug-free. A good sense of humor would also be a plus.

In addition to the fact that you will be working in an environment where the focus is on rendering objective, professional advice rather than canned sales presentations, we will support you in the following ways:

  • Fully furnished, paperless office with all necessary computer equipment and software.
  • Independent research from Morningstar, Standard & Poors, Value Line, and Zacks.
  • Weekly research review process to guide you in making portfolio adjustments.
  • Sophisticated trading platform provided through Pershing, LLC.
  • Full back office support by a broker-dealer that focuses on serving independent RIAs.
  • Portfolio analysis software (Advisor Workstation ).
  • Automatic cost-basis capturing and full realized gain/loss reporting.
  • Automated performance reporting that is also fully integrated with our trading platform.
  • Online client account access.
  • Prominent Yellow Pages advertising.
  • Profile page on our website.
  • Unique client website area that allows your clients to understand why they hold certain positions.
  • Remote access to our client management system.
  • Remote access to our email system that is also automatically archived.
  • Payroll, client invoicing, and regulatory reporting will be handled for you.