You Have a Choice

Upon engaging an investment management firm to manage your portfolio, many advisors will insist that you provide them with complete discretion to manage your portfolio. Other firms will only manage your portfolio on a nondiscretionary basis. That is, they will accept your portfolio, but prior to making any adjustments to it they will always seek your approval.

Here, you have the flexibility to choose. In general, our fee schedule varies with the amount of investment discretion you grant. Higher levels of discretion allow your portfolio to be managed more cost effectively. Consequently, our asset management fees vary accordingly.

Remember, no matter how much discretion you grant to us, we have a fiduciary duty to you and are therefore required to pursue your interest. Because of this and because of our fee-only structure, we have no incentive to generate excessive trading costs or to engage in any other type of scheme that would run counter to your interests.

We realize that different clients have different levels of comfort. Accordingly, you may direct us to manage your accounts with or without investment discretion.

  • No Investment Discretion

    • Selecting this option requires us to obtain your approval before we make any adjustments to any of your accounts.

  • Full Investment Discretion

    • This option allows us to make purchases or sales to your portfolio without first receiving your verbal or written approval.

Unlike agents who represent some insurer or registered representatives (stockbrokers) who represent their firms, we have a fiduciary duty to our clients. Therefore, you can be sure that any portfolio adjustments we make or recommend for you will be rooted in the good faith belief that we are serving your interests.